God Help Us – Power & Spiritual Authority

As I get to walk alongside folks in a congregational setting, that God is doing this miraculous, beautiful thing – new life that is happening – that has nothing to do with me. In episode 13, Ryan Mather and I discussed the harmful beliefs we all hold. In many ways, this episode is a follow-up […]

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God Help Us – Women with Authority

Throughout the history of Christianity, people have used the Bible to try to ban women from leading. In this episode of God Help Us, I talk with Pastor Kari Olson about what the Bible says about women having authority in the church and over men and what those implications might be for our social and […]

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God Help Us – Church

“When you’ve got people who don’t have what other people have – because of power, because of greed, winning, corruption – we need to be right in the middle of that. We need to be right in the middle of calling truth to power, as well as providing for the needs of people who are […]

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