God Help Us – Inherent Value

  As we become more aware of our inherent value, we’re going to start respecting the inherent essence of everybody else around us. Isaac Archuleta – therapist, writer, speaker, founder of iAmClinic, and executive director of spiritual and relational formation at Q Christian Fellowship – joins Annie to talk about desire, its relationship with shame, […]

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God Help Us – Politics of Purity

Something was shifting in culture – we started pumping money into abstinence-only education in 1980 and it peaked in the early ‘90s, the same time that we unrolled the purity movement. It happened across the country – this was a sociopolitical movement, it wasn’t just a church movement. This very special episode of God Help […]

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God Help Us – Shame

As you may know, the intention behind God Help Us is to better understand the ways that our country’s Christian heritage informs our present-day politics. But I’ve also been carrying another intention with me as I’ve worked on this podcast, and that’s to not only inform the political conversation in this country, but to change […]

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