God Help Us – Politics of Purity

Something was shifting in culture – we started pumping money into abstinence-only education in 1980 and it peaked in the early ‘90s, the same time that we unrolled the purity movement. It happened across the country – this was a sociopolitical movement, it wasn’t just a church movement. This very special episode of God Help […]

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God Help Us – Gender Equity

“It’s allowing people who have a different kind of take on the universe into positions where their personality affects the culture of the tribe. And that’s a very good thing.” A couple weeks ago, the US Supreme Court lifted injunctions on Trump’s ban on transgender people openly serving in the military, making it possible for […]

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God Help Us – Episode 1, Evangelicalism

In episode 1 of God Help Us, I sit down with pastor and former evangelical Dave Rohrer to discuss what it means to be an evangelical – in both the religious and political senses of the word. Subscribe via iTunes or Google Play or stream episodes here. To let me know what you think and […]

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