God Help Us – Church

“When you’ve got people who don’t have what other people have – because of power, because of greed, winning, corruption – we need to be right in the middle of that. We need to be right in the middle of calling truth to power, as well as providing for the needs of people who are […]

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God Help Us – Practicing Presence

This is the third and final installation in a miniseries focused on how we relate to each other and how we might choose to relate across political and religious differences. I talk with pastor Dave Rohrer about practicing presence and to do that, we actually dive into our own relationship with each other and the […]

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The other night I had a great chat with Liz Purdy about stories. Specifically, having lived in a place that is not your own, and sharing the story of that place once you’ve left. There’s only so much witness you can give to a time and a place when you’re not present there. I’ve been […]

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