God Help Us – Privileged Grief

That, to me, was so redeeming – this picture of my kids just loving Paula and going, that’s how God sees her too. Jonathan Williams, lead pastor of Forefront Church in Brooklyn, New York, and author of She’s My Dad: A Father’s Transition and a Son’s Redemption joins Annie to talk about what it was […]

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God Help Us – Homophobia

Christianity is (supposedly) all about love and acceptance, yet some of the loudest homophobic groups in our political arena are Christian. Today on God Help Us, Heather Juul – a lesbian Christian woman – shares her coming out story and reflects on her faith. Subscribe via iTunes or Google Play or stream episodes here. To […]

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A faithful response to pulse and its aftermath (When there’s nothing to believe in)

There’s not much to say after something so sad and horrific, except that it is sad and horrific. So I haven’t. But then I was assigned to write a sermon (or my version of a sermon: an essay) on Galatians. And well, it would have been disingenuous to write about anything else. And then the sit-in […]

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