Arriving in BA

Hola familia y amigos,

I arrived safely in BA yesterday and was incredibly tired from having been awake for about 30 hours. I totally LOVE staying up all night on long flights. Wait, no I didn´t mean that, sorry. What I meant to say was that in all honesty, I really liked the movie Catch and Release, and on the bright side, I got to watch it twice on the plane. And in between I watched Music and Lyrics. I recommend both to girls everywhere (sorry guys, not so much, I´ll try to come up with something for you…).

It´s really been a blessing to have another North American girl, Kim, living at the same apartment with me. We have to be a bit independent because our host mom, Marilu doesn´t speak English (which in the long run is IDEAL!) and she´s had MANY estudiantes live with her, including 2 others right now, and 2 that moved out in the last 2 days. Her son actually left to live with his novia for a week or 2 to make room for all of us! So actually, I can´t unpack all the way yet because I´m in Juan´s room, and I´m moving over to Matt´s room when he leaves soon. Tyler is also living with us, and he´s helped us find the grocery store, internet cafe, etc.

Today the 15 students in our program went on a city tour and had a bit of an orientation with our program coordinators. From where our tour ended, Augustí y Liza, were like, OK, we recommend the market, see you at 9am at school! And we all dispersed and after checking out the market/fair, Christina, Kim and I went out for coffee and then found our way home! We were PRETTY proud of ourselves (we totally rock at navegating BA, if I do say so myself). Hm, I wonder who´s going to read this blog (hi mom!) I guess I´ll just start puting in random lines and see who notices. Beth, I think you´d really like the jewelry/arts here, and Gator, you would have been a RIOT if you´d been with us trying to find the subway station tonight. I miss you guys!

OK, well this is it for now, creo. Photos coming soon. I love you mucho (yes, you).


More photos with the Maps…

Gator lived up to her name on sunday and brought maps of Spain and Argentina with us to our last Disneyland trip for who knows how long.

Then Chris and Jon did their best impressions of us….cute.

Headed to Argentina

Protesting Argentina? Nope, just getting excited for it!! I may not look like it, but I’m so stoked to be there in less than 2 months! Lots to do before I get there though :)

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