I focus on politics and gender in my work as a theologian. Writing is my medium and my great joy. I’m working on my MDiv at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and will graduate in 2018.

When I’m not writing, reading, thinking, or seething, I’m obsessing over my dog, cooking and drinking wine with friends, and going on adventures near and far.

my faith.

I have faith that God is good—very good. I have faith that humanity, expressly created in God’s image and for God’s pleasure is similarly good—very good. I have faith that when things are at their very worst, we will discover most clearly what God’s best in us is.


2 Comments on “about.”

  1. Hey Lady,

    I could not find you on facebook…maybe I am just a dork. Thus, I googled you and found your blog. I was sitting here in Tunisia thinking about when we did the leadership presentations together and wondering what you were up to. I see you have been abroad, as well. I will have to go through your archives to see how your experience was. Also, I could not find your email address, so if you would like to be in touch, please send it my way.

    I hope you have had a great few years since I have seen you last.



  2. You are a gifted writer, Annie! It flows just like you’re speaking. Michelle sent me a link to your blog. I enjoyed reading about the small groups at UPC and your bike training. I was impressed with both and enjoyed reading them. :) I’m anxious to hear how the STP goes and look forward to reading more. Take care- Elaine


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