God Help Us – Interfaith Collaboration

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The more I’m studying this book that I’ve been told my whole life to study, the more it’s actually causing me to drift away from the world that told me to study it.

In this episode, Annie talks with Michael Hidalgo, lead pastor of Denver Community Church. He’s the host of the Changing Faith Podcast, and the author of two books: Unlost: Being Found by the One We Are Looking For, and Changing Faith: Questions, Doubts, and Choices about the Unchanging God.

Michael is also involved with the Interfaith Alliance – which is pretty much what it sounds like, a group of individuals and faith communities from a variety of religions (and also traditions within those religions) that work together to address problems in their community, whether that be advocating to stop gun violence or finding creative solutions to Denver’s housing crisis.

Interfaith work is particularly significant for Michael because, although he’s not anymore, he used to be a conservative evangelical. He and I both grew up with a similar understanding, which is that because Jesus is The Way, all the other ways are ultimately not the way. And that kind of belief can make it very difficult to form genuine and loving relationships with people of other faiths in which you can fully appreciate and respect the other person’s beliefs.

As Michael’s faith shifted, so did his ability to join people of other faiths in working toward their common desires for the life of their communities and their city. So we talk about what that looks like for Michael and hopefully what that could look like for the rest of us who are interested in taking a similar approach to community activism.

Michael recommends reading The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace, by M. Scott Peck and Mending the Divides, by Jer Swigart and John Huckins. You can find more content from Michael at michael-hidalgo.com, on Instagram @michaeljhidalgo and on Facebook at Michael Hidalgo.

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Thanks for listening! Until next time, God help us.

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