God Help Us – Civility


We need strong leaders who can try to set a different agenda, regardless of what the political consequences might be.

That takes some courage.

In this episode, presidential historian Mike Purdy joins Annie to talk about about civility in civic discourse and his new book, 101 Presidential Insults: What they Really Thought about Each Other and What It Means to Us.

Mike is the founder of presidentialhistory.com, which includes his award-winning blog and other presidential resources. He writes, speaks, and podcasts on presidential history and politics and has been interviewed by and quoted in a variety of national and international media outlets including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Reuters, Bloomberg BNA, The Huffington Post, and BBC. And he is a regular opinion contributor to TheHill.com.

We talk about historical presidential relationships, the current president, and what it will take to successfully oust Trump in the upcoming election, ideally while truly living into our values for equity, justice, and care, not only in our actions, but maybe especially in our words.

In addition to his own book, Mike recommends reading The Soul of America by John Meacham and The Case for Civility – and Why Our Future Depends on It by Os Guinness. Follow Mike’s work and find links to his contributions to national media outlets at presidentialhistory.com, follow him on Twitter @PresHistory, Facebook, and Instagram @PresidentialHistorian.

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Thanks for listening! Until next time, God help us.

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