God Help Us – Our Harmful Beliefs


“These things that people do seem nonsensical, and we may never understand it on an individual level, but they’re doing it for a reason that makes sense to them – even if it causes them physical, emotional, spiritual pain. Otherwise, they wouldn’t do it.”

In this episode of God Help Us, I talk with clinical psychologist Ryan Mather about why we believe things that are not in our own best interest – Christianities that are patriarchal or homophobic, or voting in ways that don’t seem to benefit us at all. Ryan talks about attachment theory and psychological defenses as tools for understanding ourselves and others – and invites curiosity and compassion.

Ryan recommends two books by Dan Seigel: Parenting from the Inside Out and Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence as well as Nancy McWilliams’s work.

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Thanks for listening! Until next time, God help us.

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