God Help Us – Together

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On today’s episode of God Help Us, I talk with Derek McNeil about systems theory, the idea that from our families to our workplaces to our global communities, we are shaped and influenced by the systems in which we live and work and play.

This is part two of three in a series of episodes focused less on particular theologies and more on being conscious of our relationships and relational dynamics. As you’ll hear, Derek is an advocate for thoughtful engagement in gritty work that is deeply meaningful. He has his Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary and a PhD in counseling psychology from Northwestern University. I know him personally as a professor and mentor and in his role as the senior vice president of academics at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.

In this episode, I recommend the book Immunity to Change by Lahey and Kegan and Derek recommends everything by Meg Wheatley. You can find more content from Derek on The Seattle School’s podcast, Text.Soul.Culture.

Subscribe to God Help Us via iTunes or Google Play or stream episodes here. Have a request for future episodes? Send me an email! Thanks for listening, and until next time, God help us.

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