God Help Us – Shame

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As you may know, the intention behind God Help Us is to better understand the ways that our country’s Christian heritage informs our present-day politics. But I’ve also been carrying another intention with me as I’ve worked on this podcast, and that’s to not only inform the political conversation in this country, but to change the nature of the conversation itself.

My hope is that no matter what our beliefs or politics, that we could become a country of people who value understanding over being right and working together for the greater good than having our preferred party in power. Hopefully each episode supports this ideal, but I really want to emphasize that intention in today’s episode as well as the next two that are coming up.

Really, this whole podcast is very experimental, but this little miniseries is even more so – three guests and I will take a look at some themes that are less about specific theological issues and more about things to be aware of in ourselves and the world we live in if we want to change our political culture.

To start off this little series, writer, podcaster, theologian, and therapist Matthias Roberts is here to talk about shame – what it is, how it functions interpersonally, and how we might work with our own shame to seek resilience and healing in order to stop putting it on other people.

The next two episodes in the series will be on systems theory and practicing presence in the midst of disappointment, so there’s lots to look forward to. Thanks for being along for the ride!

In this episode, Matthias recommends Brene Brown’s audio course, The Power of VulnerabilityYou can find more content from Matthias at matthiasroberts.com, everywhere on social media @matthiasroberts, and on his podcast, Queerology.

Subscribe to God Help Us via iTunes or Google Play or stream episodes here. To let me know what you think and suggest future episode topics, send me an email. Thanks for listening, and until next time, God help us.

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