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In this episode of God Help Us, I talk with Jennie Spohr, a preacher and author who is currently writing a historical novel about Jezebel – our favorite scapegoat, life ruiner of men through the ages.

And of course, this topic lends itself well to the current events of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process. We recorded a few days before his and Ford’s hearings and so can only address what was going on in the story up until that point. As of the episode release date, the hearings are behind us and the FBI investigation is underway.

This episode is dedicated to Dr. Blasey Ford and the thousands of women who have come forward in the past year of #MeToo to bravely tell their stories privately and publicly. Thank you for your courage. No matter what happens in the coming days, in the telling of your story, you have made room for women to tap into their strength, find their voice, and change our collective narrative.

We believe you and we stand with you.

– –

In this episode, Jennie recommends womenandthechurch.org as a resource for finding feminist theologians to read. She also recommends reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, The Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks, and anything by Octavia Butler and Alice Walker. You can follow Jennie (and find out when her book comes out!) on Facebook, Twitter, and at jennielspohr.com.

Subscribe to God Help Us via iTunes or Google Play or stream episodes here. To let me know what you think and suggest future episode topics, send me an email. Thanks for listening, and until next time, God help us.

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