To Hillary, with Love.

Hillary, Hillskies, Hillsom, Hillsbo.

You are my dream.

I lit a candle for you last night when I didn’t have words to express my gratitude. Our feminist book club will hold an emergency meeting of pie and wine tonight to be together in your honor and in our grief. Even my dad’s book club held an emergency meeting on Wednesday. We are still with you. We will keep moving forward.

I can’t tell if I hurt more because you lost the election or because Trump won, but neither is what I hoped for and both reveal a something of our country that feels insurmountable and totally paralyzing.

But even though our country could not bear the future you represent, what you have accomplished is incredible. You’ve taken hundreds of beatings over the course of your career and you’ve gotten up again and again to show me how to do the same. And every time you get back up, you break the path a little further each time, making the way a little easier for me as I follow you. Your humility gives me inspiration. Your strength makes me stronger.

You did all this for me and I will never be able to repay you for your generosity of spirit, your leadership, and your inspiration. I hope that one day I’ll accomplish something great, that you’ll hear about it, and you’ll know I am a part of your legacy.

With gratitude beyond words,


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