2015 by the Numbers

Dear all.

The time has come once again for a year-end update! Much has happened so far in 2015, and I could write you volumes! That sounds extreme, though, and I thought—if I’m going to be extreme, I should do it in a way that requires minimal work on my part. So I limited myself to 100 words. 100 words to cover all the important stuff from the past twelve months. 100 words to tell you that I quit my job to focus on school! 100 words to describe my travels and the classes I’ve taken. 100 words to…

Oh dear, I’m already past my limit. It’s a good thing I gave myself this handy loophole: Unlimited creative expression via this doozy of a conversation-starter: a 2015-by-the-numbers graphic. Enjoy!

In all seriousness, it was a pleasure to spend another year with so many of you. I hope this finds you well and enjoying a delightful holiday season wherever you are! Would love to hear what you’ve been up to as well, so please be in touch!



2015 in Review

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