Our God Who is in All, through All, and with All.

We say God is grandmother and they say God is father.
You say God is dove and she says God is goose.
He says God is superhero and I agree.

I want God to hold me, and God can.
You want God to free you, and God does.
They want God to fight for them, and God will.

They need to know that God is for them, and so in God they find an advocate.
She needs to know that she is made in God’s image, and so she draws God as woman.
I need to know that God is with me, and so I see God’s face everywhere I look.

May we bring our images of God to a common table and dump them out like so many costumes. May we enter the fray, elbow deep, to find a garment that comforts, one that delights, and another that disturbs. May we try on the various images for size, with respect for the one who brings it as well as love for the One who inspires it. May we receive one another’s offerings as an invitation to a fuller image of who God is—and who our neighbor is that holds such surprising and provocative images of our shared Creator, Savior, and Friend.

May we celebrate that God is all we imagine. May we be grateful that God is so much more.

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