Just Power Walking My Little Heart Out

Partnering with Youth to Exit Street Life.” This little statement is the product of a recent project I worked on at New Horizons—developing a tagline to describe just who we are and what we do.
It turns out the words “New” and “Horizons” could be used to describe any number of things. Imagine you and I were to meet on a blind date. I tell you I work at New Horizons, but before I can follow that with any kind of explanation, your mind immediately jumps to visions of me as an aerobatics instructor or maybe a teacher at a progressive vegan montessori preschool, neither of which–while interesting in a terrifying way–exactly comes close to what it is I actually do.
And so we set out to capture a few simple words that are a bit more descriptive. After several rounds of brainstorming and voting with staff, volunteers, and youth, I approached three youthin leadership positions and gave them three options to consider. They looked at me, they looked at the slips of paper, they looked back at me, and they said, “Annie, these are ****ing brilliant.”
Oh wait no, that’s not at all how it went. Actually, they immediately threw one out as completely useless and tore apart the other two. But then they started piecing the words back together and in just a few minutes they handed back what now serves as our official tagline.
One of the ways I’m partnering with youth to exit street life is by participating in this year’s SeaFair Torchlight run. That’s right! On Saturday, July 26, I’ll be out trotting around downtown–not because I love physical exertion, but because I love these young people who show up every day and, in big and small ways, invest in their own futures.
I’d love for you to participate with me in any of the following ways:
  • Sponsor me! My goal is to raise $750. You can track my progress and make a donation through my personal fundraising page.
  • Join me! Grab your tennies and run (ahem, power walk) the 5k with me. We can form a team or compete against each other. There will be fabulous raffle prizes and nifty New Horizons bracelets (!!) for folks who raise funds. All the details are on theNew Hoz website.
  • NEW option: sponsor a young person! A handful of our clients would like to participate. You can pitch in $40 to help us cover their race registration fee.
  • Pray for our young people! The three I mentioned above are in our six-month job training program. One will be graduating in a couple weeks and the other two are halfway through. Please pray for them in this season of learning, growing, and exploring.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

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