My Sociopathic Leanings

As I sat in a conference room of about 50 people last summer, it slowly dawned on me: I am a sociopath. Incredibly well adapted, but definitely a sociopath. I cautiously glanced around at everyone else in the room as they diligently filled in the answer bubbles on their DISC assessment forms and read through their identified personality types. Did they have any idea about me? Thankfully, no one seemed to have caught on.

The more personality type indicators, assessments, and evaluations I take, the clearer the picture of my inner self becomes. In the DISC materials there are some very kind suggestions for how one might overcome some common weaknesses and capitalize on one’s strengths. It seems that just about everyone else’s problems can be overcome if they weren’t quite so selfless all the time. If they would take a break from listening empathetically to others and pay attention to their own thoughts and feelings a little more, they would finally find some balance in their troubled lives. On the contrary, the evaluation for my personality type can only be summed up with, “Um, stop being such a robot? At least pretend to be a human being? Please. For all our sakes.”

To paint you a picture of who I really am, some popular fictional characters with the same robotic (sociopathic) tendencies would be The Hunger Game’s President Snow, Star Wars’ emperor, The Lord of the Rings’ Sauron, and Downton’s O’brien–who we can all agree is the worst. I won’t even go into the real-life personas here because the holidays are no time to bring up Hitler in polite conversation. It just isn’t done.

So the next time you’re pretty sure that the person standing behind you in line for coffee is the Augustus Ceasar of our generation or you think your mail carrier is plotting to kill you, just wave and say hey. I mean, keep your distance, but just embrace that it’s how God made us. We’re all a little different in our own way, right? What’s the world without a few unfeeling psychopaths here and there? Right?

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