Merry, Merry Christmas!

Several weeks ago, my roommates and I set out to get a Christmas tree. After a week of failed scheduling attempts (we’re so very busy and important) two of us went to a little tree farm in Wedgwood. (Who knew there was a tree farm in Wedgwood?!) Well, it turns out, it’s more of a tree lot, but it’s charming nonetheless.

The next step was easy: we took our beautiful little tree home (it conveniently fits in the trunk) and set it up. We’d hoped to decorate it all together, but again, the scheduling proved a bit difficult. A few ornaments made their way onto the tree over the following week or so, and then the tree went on a little field trip.

After starring as the decoration in some Santa photos, the tree came home, and finally I put some lights on it. The next day, several ornaments had been added. Finally, about five days later, just in time for us all to leave for Christmas, I added several ornaments of my own.

It only took two weeks and three people, but the final product isn’t too shabby. No, not too shabby at all.

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