I’ve Clearly Missed My Calling

I don’t often talk about my uncanny ability to predict the future, but I have a great example to share from a recent experience.

A couple of weeks ago I was at a Mariners’ game with my dad. We had a really fun time eating garlic fries, hoping (some of us more than others) that a fly ball would come hurtling dangerously through the air directly at us, looking for the brick in the walkway listing my siblings’ and my names. All the while my dad sprinkled bits of baseball trivia and insights into our conversation. I learned, for example, that we have an outfielder whose name is Wells, as does our opposing team, the Angels.*

When our catcher, Miguel Olivo, was at bat, my dad told me that he wouldn’t attempt to steal second base, because, “catchers are slow.” Naturally, I disagreed. I said that it would be especially crafty of him to steal, just for that reason. He should take advantage of the element of surprise. Dad’s response was, “Yep, everyone would be surprised, including Olivo.”

The next thing we knew, Olivo successfully stole second base.

So I turned to my dad and said, “Just to clarify, I’m the only person, anywhere, who isn’t surprised, yes?” Yes.


*My adopted team. More formally: the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Their stadium is right down the street from my college campus, which was not, in fact, in Los Angeles. Just saying.

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