I Hear Alaska’s Beautiful This Time of Year

My spring break in Alaska was, in a word, stupendous. As noted in a previous post, it was full of some of my very favorite things. There was beautiful water, mountains, plenty of sunshine. I expanded my horizons both through reading a couple of fantastic books about life, love and international development, and through some new hobbies I picked up. Here are a few lessons learned in Alaska:

Try as I might, I still don’t like beer. I do love the new Baranof Brewery, though. Adorable.
Consider declaring your love to someone by spelling it out in plants (the book cautions against using this option in short-term relationships).
I can, and do, carve totem poles on occasion.
Alaska is about 15% bigger than Seattle…in the population sense.
I didn’t see any bears, but I definitely, without a doubt, saw a dog that looks exactly like one.
Sitka is on an island called Baranof. Named for our Russian friend, Alex Baranov. It’s where the trade-off from Russia to Alaska took place when the big ($7.2 million) sale happened in 1867.
Schnauzers and bridges just don’t mix.
Neither do schnauzers and gunshots.

Last but not least, I realized that SE Alaska looks uncannily like Tierra del Fuego, the southern tip of Argentina:


Ushuaia, the southernmost city, ever.

Is this totally blowing your mind right now? I know exactly how you feel.

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