Statistically Speaking, It’s the Best

I don’t mean to keep bragging about my new place (or do I?) but it’s really quite nice. Not only is the house itself great, it is in a fantastic location. Thanks to a tip from a friend, I found some useful information about my address on Amazing. Here are a few highlights:

There are 8 restaurants within .25 miles of my place, representing 7 nationalities. The closest being a coffee shop next door. I think I’ll make becoming a connoisseur of Indian food my new hobby.

There is a park across the street, and parts of it are only mildly sketchy.

There are countless other amenities within walking distance, such as Trader Joe’s, Third Place Books, a post office, library, any number of other places to eat food and drink coffee and other fun beverages (more than .25 miles away, but still reasonable).

If I ever wanted to walk to a spin class at the Y, that would be a viable option.

Based on this site, my address has a walk score of 100. It falls into the category of a “walker’s paradise.” Compare that to the Seattle average of 77 out of 100, or where I’ve been living in Edmonds, which has a score of 57, and rates as “somewhat walkable.” (To be fair there are other very nice things about living in Edmonds. Waterfront views and hot tubs come to mind.) I thought I’d also run the numbers on living on campus at Chapman, which was obviously walkable because I got by without a car for four years. With a score of 89, it is described as “very walkable.”

Looking at my commute I have several options for traveling the .7 miles to work (with a 250 ft elevation gain):

1. Walking (15 min)
2. Biking (7 min)
3. Driving (4 min)
4. Bus (7 min)

I’ll let you in on a little secret here: my legs have never looked so good as when I lived in Argentina and walked constantly over great distances. I plan to recreate that lifestyle here in Seattle. I’ll be a swimsuit model in no time. I can tell already.

6 Comments on “Statistically Speaking, It’s the Best”

  1. I’m glad you’re finding out more about your neighborhood, and I’m so happy for you! However, I’m just hoping you got the times for walking, biking, driving and bus riding from an actual source and didn’t make them up. You and I both know your sense of time in these things isn’t top notch ;)


    • I’m not sure what you are referring to…the only story that comes to mind is when I proved that I have impeccable skill when it comes to judging how long it will take to kayak across dangerous expanses of open water, down to the second.


      • Oh, I was thinking of that time PLUS the time you were totally off on your guess of how long it would take to drive to Amy’s from your new place.

        And I’m glad to see you’re still in denial about that trip to Whidbey.


  2. my walk score in sitka is 86, “very walkable.” compared to only 63, “somewhat walkable” for my house in QA. this might be my new favorite website!


    • and how much do i LOVE that malena’s is the first restaurant that comes up to my QA house?! umm… hello!! planned THAT one well.


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