Time to Get Moving

Believe it or not, I have now been back in Seattle for a little over six months. Interesting fact: this is the longest I have been in seattle since I graduated from high school in 2005, a fact which has been true every day since sometime in October.

I love being in Seattle. It’s colder than the places I’ve called home for the past five years, but being here feels very natural. In many ways I am still transitioning (more on that later) but I can’t think of a better setting for it. My parents both downsized and upgraded all in a single move while I was in college, and while four years later, I still enjoy giving them a hard time about leaving my childhood home, the condo in Edmonds has been a great place to find rest and to spend time with my family.

That said, it’s finally time for their baby bird to spread her wings and leave the nest. Ha. Ok, at approximately 13 miles, this is indeed the shortest distance I’ve ever moved away from my parents, so maybe not all that dramatic.

As I’ve mentioned before, I feel very drawn to living in community with other young, fabulous idealists such as myself, and finally God has revealed a clear fist step in that direction. I have a roommate and a house and a chair and a dresser. We’re looking for a couple of things:

1. a third roommate. Guy or girl wanting to live in community with housemates and neighbors. Our goal is to have a house where our friends/family/neighbors can have fun, feel welcome and enjoy dinner/drinks/conversation/games.

2. free or inexpensive furniture and other household items.

It really is time to get moving. I’ve taken two carloads of things down to my new place, and I’m heading out now for the afternoon to collect various things from storage and then I’ll spend the weekend arranging them and looking for good deals on craigslist.

It’s the right time, and the right place, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Wish me luck!

1 Comments on “Time to Get Moving”

  1. This is a great move, baby bird! It’s been really fun to have you home again after your time in CA and Indonesia. Can’t imagine a better spot, now, than right where you are….near Greenlake and the UW, a coffee shop right next door and lots of great Seattle spots minutes away. Enjoy!!

    Love, Mom


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