Portland, Here I Come!

Well, I recently signed up for the STP. And I’m quite excited about it!

The Seattle to Portland is a 200 mile bike ride (the location is self explanatory). This is the 32nd year that the ride has taken place, and I’ll be participating for the first time along with a variety of relatives. I started training at the end of December (when I was still fresh from a mediocre 12k race) and I’ll continue to increase my mileage and cross training every week or two (or three) until the two-day ride on July 9-10.

Don’t feel bad if you’re not riding, because you have something to look forward to, too! Exciting videos like this one, filmed of myself biking across the Golden Gate Bridge in 2009:

4 Comments on “Portland, Here I Come!”

  1. “That little girl almost just killed me…” I remember cracking up the first time I watched that about two years ago. Hope your vlogging adventures continue, though I don’t recommend it during the STP ;-)


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