[WGF:11] Living in Pursuit of Adventure

Back in October I was unemployed and generally unimpressed with my life of job searching, so I booked myself a little vacation to – where else? – the Midwest. My bestie, Ash, moved to Chicago in May, and I hadn’t seen her since we graduated from Chapman in May 2009. It was high time for a quality visit and some face-to-face catch-up time. Naturally, I planned to be there for ten days. Anything less would just have been rushed. And you really can’t rush through the Midwest.

While Ash worked during the week I hung out and took a break from worrying about what I was supposed to be doing with my life, and I did a little research on rental cars. One Thursday morning I got myself to O’Hare and I picked up my very first (very Grown-Up) rental car. I headed east to Indiana with high hopes for lots of adventures, and to fulfill a life-long dream of observing the Mennonites in their natural habitat. In the two hours from Chicago to Goshen, I experienced sun, wind, clouds, rain and hail. Yeah, I’d heard that about the Midwest.

Arriving in Goshen (the Mennonite Capitol of the United States, if not the universe) I got to frolic around town with both my Mennonite Life Coach and his lovely Lady Mennonite Friend. They were extremely informative tour guides and I highly recommend them to anyone visiting Goshen, Indiana.

The great thing about visiting Indiana (aside from the large population of Mennos) is the names of the towns along I-90. First is Valparaiso, which may sound familiar because it is also a tourist town on the coast of Chile. Then you have Mishawaka, and it only gets better as you go east and encounter none other than Shipshewana.

You might be thinking that I shouldn’t go making fun of other states for having towns with unusual names, what with the crazy names we have in Washington. But when you grow up with Puyallup, Wenatchee, Klickitat, and my all-time favorite: Skamania County, they start to sound normal. Anything else just sounds absurd. I mean, Chicago? Really?

1 Comments on “[WGF:11] Living in Pursuit of Adventure”

  1. So…about safe driving…not sure if looking into a camera on the dashboard of a rental car on the freeway without a map somewhere you’v never been before quite qualifies! Just a thought….


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