What’s Next?

First things first. I started a job last week (!) and I could not possibly be more pleased about it. I’m working in the communications department of a church in the U-District. Of course today I had to work from home because of the snow and ice, but still, very exciting. When I write something worth reading, I’ll let you know!

So now that I’ve checked that major life issue off my list and I’ve started adjusting to life as an employed person, I’m moving ahead with the Next Big Thing, which is a change in living situation.

That’s right, I’m looking to move out of Edmonds and closer to work and a younger population of people. For the past year, I’ve been thinking and praying and wondering about living in an Intentional Christian Community (or a Jesus Commune, as Amy calls it :-) )

If you or someone you know is interested in living in a house with 3-4 other Christians who are dedicated to living out their faith in service to others, knowing their neighbors, having regular times of fellowship together and willing to grow together, send them my way! Or get in touch with me yourself.

I don’t have a house yet, and the location will have to fit the group. Pet friendly is best because I’m hoping my faithful companion, Donald Dog, will be able to join us.

Please, please feel free to pass this along to any upstanding, non-creepy, community-minded followers of Christ who are enthusiastic about life in general and are up for an adventure.

I’m looking to move in January if at all possible.

On a totally unrelated note, I’ll be working on several blog posts over the coming weekend to make up for my complete lack of effort over the past month+.

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