[WGF:5] Just two of my favorite things…

Hi there. What’s THIS?? Yes, your Weekly Geographical Factoid is coming to you a bit early here this week. And as an Extra Special Treat, it involves this week’s Sunday Puzzle from NPR. Actually, to be more specific, it is this week’s Sunday Puzzle from NPR.

Step 1. Find five five-letter country names (i.e., China).

Step 2. Use the middle letter from each of the five country names to spell a sixth five-letter country name.

Will had reasons for stipulating that he does not want the answer that includes the Pacific Island Nation of Palau.

I have my answer, what’s yours?

You can submit your answers to NPR by clicking here.

You can submit your answers to me by commenting on this post. And as usual, the first person to give me a correct response will get an awesome prize from another country.

There are many sites listing all the countries in the world, and there are some variations among those lists. For consistency’s sake, let’s use the short-form name list on the US Department of State website.

Just for fun: a world map based on population distribution

5 Comments on “[WGF:5] Just two of my favorite things…”

  1. Annie — great quiz, no? I actually found two answers that I think work:
    1) BURMA – gaBon/liBya, naUru, syRia, yeMen/saMoa, itAly/ghAna
    2) ITALY – chIle/chIna/haIti, qaTar, ghAna, maLta, egYpt
    Since Burma is AKA Myanmar, I’m going to go with Italy.
    “Is that your final answer?” “Final.”


    • Excellent! Yes, Burma is a tricky one with the political situation. Both of your answers are different from my own. Did you hear Will explain it on the radio? I listened to it again today before I submitted my answer, but I’m still a bit iffy on the situation – it sounds to me like he wants a specific answer, but the more I look at my list of country names, the more possible answers there seem to be. I guess we’ll just have to wait till Sunday to find out what he was looking for!


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