Decluttering & The Steps To Organization (via With Duck & Goose)

I’m not feeling very inspired to write at the moment, but one thing I’ve been working on this week is going through everything I own, getting rid of stuff, organizing other stuff, thinking about exercising and putting off writing a cover letter.

So maybe the cover letter thing was a bit of a tangent (ugh) but anyway, I’m reblogging this post I just came across that applies to the declutterfication of my life. Some of the tips are right on. Enjoy!

I grew up in a very cluttered home. Things were always getting lost in the shuffle, and tons of money was wasted replacing items we already had but couldn’t find. Vulgar excess is sort of what comes to my mind when I think of certain rooms of our home when I was growing up, and it’s hard to say that, but it’s probably true. As a result, I have grown up to be something of an anti-pack rat, if there is such a thing. I don’t like to keep much of any … Read More

via With Duck & Goose

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