Radio Snobbishry

I’ve often thought that people who listen to NPR are a little on the snobby side. It’s as if their sole purpose for listening is so they can jump into a conversation with, “Well. I was listening to NPR this morning, and I heard…” and things like, “by the way, have I mentioned that I’m smarter, more beautiful and, in every way, better than you, because I listen to NPR?” I don’t know, it just sort of rubs me the wrong way.

On the other hand, I’m always looking for ways to become better informed, and it sounded more and more all the time like I, too, should be listening to NPR. That way I could not only be better informed, but also more popular, and physically stronger.

It just so happened few Sundays ago that I was scrolling through radio stations and chanced upon my local NPR station. I was just in time for the Sunday Puzzle with Will Shortz. I immediately felt more intelligent and was instantly hooked on NPR.

Usually, I’m not so much with the anagrams. I look at them and am paralyzed with fear. However, Will was giving anagrams which were made up of letters of national parks, which certainly narrows it down and is a category I’m familiar with. On top of that, he also gave the state that it was in, and it was just about the easiest thing I’ve ever done.*

In all likelihood, I would have felt fairly good about myself anyway, but the woman who was doing the puzzle clearly did not know her national parks. I was thoroughly embarrassed for her. The puzzle is below so you can try for yourself.

And yes, I’ve been listening to a wide variety of programs on NPR ever since, and learning much.

Sunday Puzzle from 1 Aug 2010. Unscramble the anagram to form the name of a US national park.

Example: SEARCH, Utah > Arches

NAILED, Alaska
ACE GIRL, Montana
MOIST EYE, California

*Except for Arkansas – who knew they had national parks in Arkansas? See what I mean? I’m learning.

3 Comments on “Radio Snobbishry”

  1. LOVE that you are now hooked on NPR. Also, you’ll love being one of the people who says “I hear on NPR this morning…” it just makes you feel SO good! Don’t forget to listen to radio lab and wait wait don’t tell me. Two of my favs!


  2. Sweetie I’ve been listening to NPR for decades – my main source of news, still downloading podcasts every day – and just look how beautiful, smart and elite I am. Heh. But it is good stuff. Wait, wait don’t tell me, Fresh Air, All Things Considered. If it ain’t on NPR I don’t know about it.


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