The Future Has Arrived

The first thing I did when I arrived in the United States last week was go through customs in the Dallas airport. Then I ate some really fabulous and goopey junk food. I was very much tempted to go for the fried noodles at the Chinese-themed restaurant next to Taco Bell, but Seto and Rik convinced me that it was a terrible idea and would not be even remotely like my favorite food in Indonesia. True, but terribly sad.

One thing our program coordinators tell me and my fellow newly returned volunteers (and yes, I need the reminder) is that things changed while we were off in other countries. Life actually, literally, went on with out us. Somehow, everyone got through a year with out me. They may have even enjoyed themselves. (Those two realities of course being unrelated). Fortunately, rather than wallowing in self-pity, I marvel at what I have missed – including the advancement of technology.

As I got on the plane in Atlanta yesterday, the final leg of a long, roundabout journey to Seattle, the woman in line in front of me handed her iphone to the attendant who scanned the iphone screen instead of a printed boarding pass. I almost fainted. Then we walked down the jetway and there was a sign announcing that wi-fi was available on that particular aircraft. The three of us traveling together (I’d exchanged Rik and Seto at this point and for two new friends) were amazed. I said I’d heard that someday there would be wi-fi on planes. Lindsey’s response was, I think that day is today.

I will spend the rest of today considering these things as I eat blueberries, snuggle up in my down comforter, admire these delicious carpeted floors, and gaze lovingly at my washing machine and dishwasher.

3 Comments on “The Future Has Arrived”

  1. I refuse to believe anything has changed back there. BTW, LJ phoned you up on her super secret telecommunication watch yesterday. Did you get the call?


  2. Hahaa… LOVE IT! (And I wasn’t aware that wi-fi had already arrived on planes, so thanks for the heads up! Maybe I won’t drop my jaw when we’re Stateside early next year…) Then again…


  3. You’re back! Look at how off the map I’ve been…welcome home :) Hope you are delighted and shocked by little things of discovery everyday. Let me know if you are down in LA or Orange anytime soon.


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