Essential Accessories

This is the third in a series of posts about my recent foray into the interior of Papua.

My visit to the interior provided plenty of time to study and to write, which I really appreciated and enjoyed. But there was one thought in particular that kept nagging at the back of my mind. Whether I was reading about structural violence, theology or development, it was always the same thought: I really think I need glasses.

Now, to be clear, I don’t need glasses because I can’t see – I can see fine. I need glasses to add to the intellectual ambiance. When someone approaches me while I’m working and asks me to explain something, I want to be able to lean back, set down my pen, and take off my glasses as I say something profound.

Without the glasses, it’s just not the same. Without the glasses, I have nothing. If I had glasses, I could distract the person so he or she would not realize that what I’m saying is not that profound, and certainly isn’t original.

And it would look so good…

One Comment on “Essential Accessories

  1. HAhahaahah… I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog every. single. time. (Will you be continuing this blog as you head back to the states and on to your next “Misadventure”? I certainly hope so!!!)

    About the glasses… You could get one of those stylish pairs that’s just glass… No eyesight-altering properties. And you could tell people they’re reading glasses, so as to explain why you don’t where them all the time…

    Just a thought. ;)


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