About the Author.

I have officially been out of college for over a year, and among other things, I’m loving having time to read for fun. However, while the books are great, I’m really over author’s bios that sound both fake and, in my opinion, ridiculous. I don’t care how many awards you’ve won. Nor do I care what your spouse has accomplished. So you wrote a few books, that doesn’t give you any right to be a snob about it. If you’re going to have an about the author section, at least say something interesting and relevant.

For example:

Annie Mesaros is an avid blogger and reader. She enjoys sunsets, good conversations, drinking coffee, and above all, triathlons. She has been widely, although informally, recognized for her development and usage of made-up words. Annie currently lives alone with her dog, posting nonsense on the internet.

Although I don’t actually live alone with my dog right now, this was written under the assumption that that will be my situation by the time my book comes out (Release date TBD).

4 Comments on “About the Author.”

  1. Indeed. But the whole point is not to brag too much. I don’t want to intimidate people. At least not more than I normally do…


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