This is a true story. Mostly.

Proof that it really happened.

The game was not going that well. Sloppy playing from both sides, players throwing little hissy fits when they fell down, no score by halftime. So I went down to the locker room to give the team a little pep talk. I walked in and I said, “Guys. You’re my guys, right?” They all nodded. “Well then can you explain to me what it is that’s going on out there? You know better than anyone that I’m your biggest fan, but I’m not here to support a mediocre team, you know what I’m saying?” They knew what I was saying. “Ok so let’s go out there and kick some serious Persiwa butt, shall we?” Then they went out for the second half and won. After the game, Bio autographed his jersey for me, which I am wearing now.

That’s the daydream I was having while I was watching the game yesterday, word for word. There were definitely some impressive moves, but overall, the playing was just a bit disappointing. It ended in a tie: 1-1. As we were leaving, my friend asked me if I wanted to have my picture taken with the players. I said, of course, it would be a dream come true. I naturally assumed that she was joking. As we were leaving, she told us to wait by a gate near the locker room, and I thought to myself, this seems like a long shot. But then her friend came out to meet us, all official on his cell phone, and told us to follow him. He took us around the stadium and past a LOT of armed security people. I have no idea how he has these connections, but after to talking to several people along the way, we soon found ourselves in the locker room.

I just about died. Victor and Bio were sitting together, and I walked over to them and introduced myself. Fortunately, I actually do have a connection with them, aside from my undying love for them. My bestie, Febby, is from Zambia, and Victor is from Nigeria. She volunteers at the hospital, and he goes there for physical therapy. Since they’re both from Africa, they were introduced. Bio is from Cameroon, but he has not met Febby yet. So I introduced myself and told them that I am super, super close with Febby, and Victor said he remembered meeting her at the hospital. I basically just said I’d heard so much about them, and then had my picture taken with them. And now I’ve spent the last 24 hours since then second guessing everything I said and I how I said it.

Then my friend Mei pointed out that I should really take advantage of being in there and just talk to everyone. Except that I don’t know who all the players are… So we just introduced ourselves to two other players and got a picture with them too, but as we don’t have any mutual best friends, I was sort of at a loss for what to say to them – aside from the usual I love you/will you marry me.

So that was it. It was awesome. I’m already planning out what I’ll say the next time I see them at an African community get-together, which I had actually already invited myself to just last week before I even met Victor and Bio. That’s when I’ll really win them over once and for all.

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