I have a confession to make.

Indeed, I have a confession to make. Sometimes, not frequently, but sometimes, I quiz myself on naming all 50 US states. Sometimes I mix it up and name the countries and capitals of Latin America. I Can’t help it. I love geography.

I’ve recently decided to start collecting maps. I love maps. I don’t just want any maps though, I really like maps that show some interesting or unusual aspect of a particular place. For example, a recent map I found in National Geographic that shows the path of human migration out of East Africa starting 70,000 years ago. Another one I found in Newsweek is of current “colonial” interests around the world.

We can learn so much from maps! They are so wonderful. And that brings me back to my other love: geography, and more specifically, geography trivia. And as part of my mission to educate North Americans about Indonesia, I have created a simple, multiple choice quiz about Indonesia. It is not strictly geographical, but a lot of it is. The first person to answer all of the questions correctly will win a prize,* and of course lifelong fame and glory.

1. How many islands are there in Indonesia?

a)      10,005

b)      3,047

c)      17,508

d)      7

2. Approximately how many languages are spoken in Papua?

a)      100

b)      75

c)      250

d)      1

3. How many countries does Indonesia share a border with?

a)      0

b)      1

c)      2

d)      3

4. The majority of Indonesian people identify with which religion?

a)      Islam

b)      Christianity

c)      Buddhism

d)      Hinduism

5. What is the name of the currency used in Indonesia?

a)      Indonesian Dollar

b)      Merah

c)      Angging

d)      Rupiah

6. In what hemisphere will you find Indonesia?

a)      Northern

b)      Southern

c)      Eastern

d)      All of the above

7. How many time zones does Indonesia have?

a)      1

b)      2

c)      3

d)      4

8. Indonesia is the ______ largest country in the world by population.

a)      4th

b)      10th

c)      16th

d)      100th

9. Indonesia has the longest coastline of any country.

a)      True

b)      False

10. Indonesia is a former colony of which country?

a)      UK

b)      The Netherlands

c)      Germany

d)      France

*I’m sorry, but at this time, people who currently live in Indonesia are not eligible for prizes, but they are of course, eligible for presents, as always.

3 Comments on “I have a confession to make.”

  1. Annie,
    Great quiz, it was fun learning more about Indonesia’s geography.
    Here are my answers:
    1. C) 17,508
    2. C) 250
    3. D) 3
    4. A) Islam
    5. D) Rupiah
    6. D) All of the above
    7. C) 3
    8. A) 4th
    9. B) False
    10. B) The Netherlands

    So, do I win?


    • Woo hoo! You win, Katie. And, as a bonus, which 3 countries does Indonesia share a border with? And which country in the world has the longest coast line?


  2. It shares boarders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia. The country with the longest coastline is the one the Olympics are in right now (ie. Canada).

    So what’s the prize that I win?


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