So I’m sitting at a computer the P3W office, translating letters, and there’s some kind of commotion behind me. This in itself, I enjoy quite a bit, wondering what is going on and what is about to happen that people are all worked up about. Then Hana said Santa Claus had come, and that really made me wonder. As I was turning in my seat to see what was happening, a box was dropped right into my lap! I was completely surprised. I saw that it was from Devan and Liz (long-time BFFs from Seattle) and I was so pleased.

When I opened the box there was a piece of paper on top that said: Wintry Awesomeness ’09 (in a box). And I was floored. WINTRY AWESOMENESS?! Ahhhhhh! I’m so excited! Allow me to explain for those of you who aren’t Devan and Liz. Wintry Awesomeness is exactly what it sounds like: wintry activities that are awesome. Past activities have included spending a day in LaConner – having lunch there, walking to the totally cute and cozy bookshop where we sit by the fire looking through cabin books. You know, the ones that show fabulous island and mountain cabins. We drink our coffee and go through two or three books, commenting and critiquing. It is generally agreed that a loft is a key element to a good cabin; tree houses get bonus points, for sure. We also cook dinner, play games in front of the fire, discuss important life issues (boys) and watch romantic comedies while snuggling with a down comforter. Come to think of it, I would argue that the down comforter snuggle time is the most important element of the wintry awesomeness – that, and the cabin book.

So the package was basically the most amazing box of references to inside jokes. Just picture me sitting at a desk pulling random things out of a box, trying to contain my laughter and unable to explain so much, especially not in Bahasa Indonesia. There was a note from each of them, candy cane hot chocolate (yay!), a picture of a ridiculous down bootie like the ones that Liz insists on wearing every year, even though they make her look like a fool, tons of glittery snowflakes that had (fabulously!) gotten glitter all over everything else, a book called Mocha with Max that I am now obsessed with, PENGUIN STICKERS, a penguin window decal who might be named Liván (with a french accent) and who is now on my bedroom mirror, a ZIPLOC BAG, pictures of scenes from great romantic comedies (Love Actually, the Holiday, Bride and Prejudice, the Proposal), a picture of a great wintry and awesome lunch place (LaConner Brewing Co – it could seriously be on the cover of Sunset magazine), beautiful pics from Liz’s recent roadtrip and a really funny pop-up reindeer card, with our faces on the reindeer…of course.

So, you may have noticed, no down comforter. Although, that’s probably for practical reasons – it wouldn’t have fit in the box, and I would probably be able to use it here for maybe 30 seconds before giving myself heat stroke. But there was one other thing in the box: all of this made me very sentimental and happy but what actually pushed me over the edge and made me get a little teary, was my very own cabin book made from pictures they’d found on google. Why? I have no idea. I actually think it’s really funny that that’s what did me in. But there you have it!

The gifts evoked a lot of emotions in me – happiness, fond memories, nostalgia, and at one point, confusion. It turns out, I have been away from the US for so long, and I am apparently so distanced from my life there, that one part of Devan’s note really stumped me: “here are some of the best bits anyway: hot cocoa, fabulous chick flicks (at least in spirit anyway).” And I stopped right there and thought, “chick flick? What the crap is that? Like a marshmallow peep? Why peeps in spirit?” And then I continued reading and saw the part about watching them with the down comforter, and then my world very nearly came crashing down around me. How do you think it feels to forget the name of your own favorite genre of movies? A few words I would use to describe my feelings are: confused, awkward, sad, dumb. Seriously, I can’t get over it. It has been far too long since I’ve watched a movie. At this point I may have already considered selling my organs on the internet in exchange for the chance to watch Love Actually. I’m not saying that I’m going to, I’m just saying I’ve considered it.

But yay! Wintry Awesomeness 2009. I never expected it to arrive in a box in Papua, that’s for sure. And the moral of the story is: if you send me an amazing package in the mail, I will be obsessed with you forever.

I am totally craving Seattle right now – walking around in the chilly air, all the stores decorated for Christmas without looking somehow out of place in a tropical setting, sitting by the tree with a cup of cocoa at night. Being festive, baking cookies, remembering what a chick flick is and being able to watch one. Scarves. *sigh* Next year, I’m going to be so into holidays – you won’t even know what hit you. Meanwhile, this year, I will probably go the the beach. But at least my room is decked out in glittery snowflake ornaments :)

Thanks, besties! Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. The UW Department of Atmospheric Sciences has an awesome web cam that I love gazing at when locking in my cubicle in my building that has no windows (not even kidding).

    Link to images: http://www.atmos.washington.edu/images/webcam0/

    I particularly enjoy the time-lapse images:

    A little bit of home for you to enjoy :) P.S. Thanks for the postcard! I mailed you a letter about week ago, so hopefully you get it soon!


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