The Best Gifts Come in…Ziploc Bags

When I came home after a very long day on Thursday, there was a note on the ground outside my front door. Written on the back of a discarded paper plate was the following message:

“You have received something sent from another country. It is at the Kota Raja post office.”

“OH MY!” I thought to myself. This would be my first piece of mail since moving to Papua, and I had never seen the word for “something sent” before. Something about that made me hope it was a package, but I was sure it couldn’t be…

The next day while I was at the P3W office where I volunteer, I needed to run an errand with a friend near the post office. So we stopped by and the man there brought out a padded envelope – what could it be?! – And I saw it was from the Krista Foundation in Seattle – seriously, what could it be?! – I got back to the office and opened it up to find a little note from the KF staff, three hand made, personalized cards with tons of encouragement and a chocolate bar and gum.

It TOTALLY made my week! I was so excited – and still am. And obviously inspired enough to even blog about it a few days later. I smile just thinking about it! And the really funny thing is that as I pulled everything out of the package I saw that the chocolate and gum where in a ziploc bag and I was like, “sweet! A ziploc bag! You can never have too many of those!” And then, “Oh wait, that’s not the real gift, it gets even better!”

But it just made me think about how much being here is turning me into kind of a scavenger. Like collecting rubber bands for my flashcards. I’m sure I could go out and buy rubber bands somewhere, but I don’t need a hundred of them. I mean, ten would be nice, just to have them handy, but I don’t know how to say rubber band, or where to find them in a store, or even which store to go to. And at this point, it’s really not a big enough deal to go to the trouble of finding out all that, but when I come across one, I definitely keep it.

At home, ziploc bags usually come in boxes of 50 or 100, maybe more. Again, like 10 would suffice – and don’t worry – I did bring extras. And it’s not like I use them on a daily basis or anything, but I mean really, think about all the things you could seal up and store safely! And now I have another one! Maybe now instead of scavenging for rubber bands, I’ll just put my flashcards in my new baggie and carry them around with me. Maybe I’ll leave them out in the rain for a night just to come back and find them good as new in the morning. Or maybe I will put the bag away in a safe place and hold onto it in case of an emergency, or some unforeseen special occasion…

Thank you so much to my friends at the Krista Foundation for writing cards and sending packages of deliciousness all the way to Papua! It really did make my week, and not just because of the ziploc bag.

2 Comments on “The Best Gifts Come in…Ziploc Bags”

  1. Annie! I am so happy to hear of your new-found awe in how precious small things can become when you realize they’re somewhat scarce. I look forward to reading more of your blog!


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