A Brief Lesson in Bahasa Indonesia

While I am not by any means an expert in Bahasa Indonesia (the language of Indonesia) I find it very interesting, and would like to share a little bit of the little that I know. I AM SO SORRY if any of this is inaccurate. Just so you know.

Indonesian has its roots in Malay and is very similar to the language spoken in Malaysia. It’s one of the more widely spoken languages in the world, as Indonesia is in the top 4 countries in the world population-wise with about 240 million inhabitants.

Halo – Hello
Selamat Pagi – Good morning
Selamat Siang – Good day (used during mid-day)
Selamat Sore – Good evening
Selamat Malam – Good night

Vowels are pronounced about the same as in Spanish.
Ay, ee, I, O, oo.

The emphasis is often placed on the last syllable of a word, but not always. And sometimes e’s are blended into the word, so that selamat might sound like “slamat.”

Pagi – Morning!
Bagaimana? – How are you?
Enak – Delicious!
Belum – Not yet
Sudah – Already
Nyamuk – Mosquito
Mie Goreng – Fried Noodles
Buah – Fruit
Buaya – Crocodile
Naik Gunung – Climb a Mountain

Now you can say like 2 things in Bahasa Indonesia! More to come later, I’m having a fun time learning and figuring out how everything fits together :)

1 Comments on “A Brief Lesson in Bahasa Indonesia”

  1. Thanks for the language lesson! I feel like I could survive in Indonesia for at least a day with your sage selections. Buaya is my fav. I mean, I know they’re totally different, but still related ;)


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