Inner Ponderings…

Here is a list of random things about me that are of varying interest and importance. I am afraid that many of them may never come up in other blog entries, so I decided to make an entry specifically to cover these important highlights, like how I sometimes listen to Cher when I’m upset. So here we go…

I hate unnecessary quotation marks with a passion. Please keep this in mind for future correspondence – and I do not mean so that you can abuse this knowledge. Also, I use smiley faces and exclamation points so excessively in e-mails that before I send them I routinely have to go back and deliberately take them out. So if you already think I use them a lot – you have NO idea.

I have an extremely weak sense of smell, and I sometimes wonder how much this affects my sense of taste, but I don’t really have much to compare it to – I just know how things taste to me. And then I wonder about people who are color blind – even if someone doesn’t see true colors, they only know what it is they see and no one else. Do you know what I mean?

I write dates 1 October 2009 instead of October 1, 2009. I cross my 7’s and my z’s. I think that’s left over from living in Argentina.

My favorite book is Three Cups of Tea, which relates to my biggest dream: to change the world. That might mean just my immediate community, or some larger area, I probably won’t know until the end of my life. But I really think that every bit helps, and I definitely want to change something for the better, hoping it contributes to the greater good.

I can count to ten in exactly 3 languages – not nearly as much as my friend Erika, who can do it in 6 languages. I’ve put learning Portuguese on hold while I learn Bahasa Indonesia, but if you were wondering, yes I DO own a copy of Portuguese for Dummies. I’ll be dusting that off sometime after I move back to the US. But I guess we’ll see where I end up next and what language I’ll be speaking – life has a way of surprising us, doesn’t it?

Upon some brief reflection, I don’t think I enjoy the process of learning as much as I enjoy having learned something. Note to self – find out if that’s true of other people who “love learning” too.

I consider myself to be an adventurous person, but it doesn’t come naturally to me. I have to focus a lot to make it happen. Being an introvert, I am sometimes overwhelmingly tempted to stay home and read a good book in my jams. I have to say though, I’m always – always – glad to have tried something new.

When I’m in the States, I make at least one to-do list per day. Without fail, I write down things I’ve already done so I can cross them off my list. ….But everyone does that…right?

Here’s another statistic for you – I fall in love, on average, ten times per year. However, as you may be able to figure out from how frequently this occurs, it is most often extremely fleeting and not memorable. I’ll be sure to let you know when it happens for real.

The first man I was ever heartsick over was Leonardo Dicaprio, but it was very much not my own fault – Titanic came out when I was in 5th grade. In my defense, I never sent him any fan mail, although I definitely thought about it. I’ve since come to the realization that I could do better.

Sometimes I gaze out over Puget Sound and I can’t help but think, “man, that’s a lot of water.” I mean, really. Think about how many bathtubs worth of water is out there, and it’s not even the open ocean! I’m respectfully overwhelmed.

This is something I’ve never told anyone before. Often (ok, extremely frequently) when reading a book, I think very critically about the formatting, and make mental notes about how I want my own book to look.

Oh, and I have this idea that I’m going to write a book one day, the subject of which is TBD, but I have the dedication all planned out. It’s very moving and meaningful, of course. Any and all ideas for book topics are welcome!

I hope this has been informative and adequately addresses some of your burning questions about my personal life and inner thoughts. Thanks for reading!

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