Looking Back, Looking Ahead…

Having just recently reached 10,340 feet above sea level, I am inspired to make a list of my life accomplishments and goals. These are loosely in the order that they’ve been done, or that I would like to accomplish them in the future. Emphasis on “loosely.”

SUDAH (Indonesian for “already completed”):
Sprint Triathlon – July 2005
Sprint Triathlon – July 2006
Half marathon – Jan. 2007
Biking to San Diego – Jan 2007
Climbing Mt. St. Helens – May 2007
Studying abroad in Argentina – May – Nov 2007 (definitely a milestone)
Rappelling – July 2007
Biking to San Diego and ½ way back – Jan 2008
Biking from Monterey to Pismo Beach – Apr. 2008
3rd Triathlon – Apr. 2008
Snowshoeing – Dec. 2008 (we could have died driving there, and it was really fun)
Graduating from College – May 2009
Climbing Mt. St. Helens again – June 2009
Backpacking at Camp Muir – July 2009
Moving to Indonesia – Aug 2009
Climbing Mt. Merbabu – Sep. 2009

BELUM (Indonesian for “not yet”):
Climb Mt. Merapi
Summit Mt. Rainier
Run a full marathon
Complete an Olympic Tri (without being DQed)
Complete a ½ ironman Tri (super scary: 1mi swim, 60mi bike, 13mi run – um, at least)
Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
Go to Antarctica, befriend a penguin
Live in San Francisco
Bike from Canada to Mexico
Be the first woman to circumnavigate the globe solo; in a kayak
Own a tiny little pet – i.e., hedgehog, dwarf hamster
Visit every continent
Live overseas for even longer….

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