David Sedaris. LOVE him!

I’m currently reading Me Talk Pretty One Day, by David Sedaris. I wanted to share a few excerpts that made me laugh so hard I came extremely close to crying.

“A week after putting her to sleep, I received Neil’s ashes in a forest green can. She’d never expressed any great interest in the outdoors, so I scattered her remains on the carpet and then vacuumed her up. The cat’s death struck me as the end of an era. It was, of course, the end of her era, but with the death of a pet there’s always that urge to string black crepe over an entire ten- or twenty-year period. The end of my safe college life, the last of my thirty-inch waist, my faltering relationship with my first real boyfriend: I cried for it all and wondered why so few songs were written about cats.

“My mother sent a consoling letter along with a  check to cover the cost of the cremation. In the left-hand corner, on the line marked MEMO, shed’ written, ‘Pet Burning.’ I had it coming.”

And more…

“The position was offered at the last minute, when the scheduled professor found a better paying job delivering pizza. I was given two weeks to prepare, a period I spent searching for a briefcase and standing before my full-length mirror, repeating the words, ‘hello, class, my name is Mr. Sedaris.” Sometimes I’d give myself an aggressive voice and firm, athletic timbre. This was the masculine Mr. Sedaris, who wrote knowingly of flesh wounds and tractor pulls. Then there was the ragged bark of the newspaper editor, a tone that coupled wisdom with an unlimited capacity for cruelty. I tried sounding businesslike and world-weary, but when the day actually came, my nerves kicked in and the true Mr. Sedaris revealed himself. In a voice reflecting doubt, fear and an unmistakable desire to be loved, I sounded not like a thoughtful college professor but, rather, like a high-strung twelve-year-old girl; someone named Brittany.”

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