* This post is dedicated to Ashley Duncan, aka: Shorts.

Of course we all know that one of my favorite things is my nickname from Chapman: Pants. Short of course, for Annie-Pants, a name given to my by Ashley Duncan early on in our college career. While friendships have changed over time, there is still a core group of Pants enthusiasts who have kept this nickname alive, and it has spread as well to calling Ashley “Shorts,” a classmate named Chris, “Sweats” (or Sweaters, if you’re me) and “Hoodie” on occasion for David Gaetke.

I don’t find that I often meet other Annies, being the rare and beautiful breed that we are, and I meet even fewer other people named Pants. In fact, the name Pants is so unique and so rare, that I had never met anyone else with that name, and didn’t expect to. Imagine my surprise when I was wearing a very sexy v-neck tee that says PANTS on the back at orientation two weeks ago, and someone approached me and said, “Annie, is Pants your nickname?”

This someone happens to be a fellow MCCer, also named Annie. I replied, “yes, Annie, Pants is my nickname and has been for several years.”

I was completely floored when she said, “That’s funny, because people also called ME Annie-Pants in college.”

Do you understand what this means?!? There could be Annie-Pants’ all over the world that we don’t even know about! It’s like, it’s such a perfect nickname, that people are just naturally drawn to calling Annies, Pants. It’s the strangest thing. I’m completely serious when I say that that was a full (ish) two weeks ago, and I still haven’t gotten over it. And maybe I never will.

We could be on to something really big here….

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