The Ballet and BODIES

On Friday night I went to the ballet for the first time! Six girls went together because people 25 and younger can get tickets for 90% off an hour before the show. We saw Cinderella for 4 pesos, and we were on the lowest balcony, so that’s a pretty good deal. It’s only 1 peso for the 3rd balcony ($.30) or 6 pesos ($2) for the ground level seats, someday I may splurge and go for that, but I was very satisfied with my experience. It wasn’t exactly the Disney version of the story, but I liked it better because Prince Charming goes all around the world looking for her, and in the movie, he just sends his chauffer to find the girl. A very good experience, and now I feel uber cultured.

Saturday during the day a few of us went to see the Bodies exhibit. You may be familiar with it already, it’s traveling around the US and all over the world, and I’ve just never been in the same city at the same time until now. I don’t know who put the exhibit together, but the premise of it is that since the first humans studied anatomy, it has been true that “To see is to know” (or here, “Ver es saber”). People have chosen to donate their bodies to science after they die and some are displayed as full bodies emphasizing one element. For example, when you first walk in, there’s a plain skeleton and then a whole section on bones with a bunch of examples on display, and they’ll take apart skulls to better show the structure and parts. All of the descriptions were in Spanish, but I could understand it all and learned a lot of interesting tidbits and saw the 3 smallest bones in the body. Everyone always hears about them, but you never get to see them, you know?

So there was the bones room, tendons/joints, nervous system and brain, muscles, reproductive, cancers, and more. None of it was all that terribly gross, but the way the bodies are preserved makes them look a lot like plastic, and they put glass eyes in the faces. Oh, and in the muscle room (there’s always a full body before the individual parts that go with it) the body had all the muscles pulled out away from the bones and fanned out. That was freaky.

It’s REALLY interesting, and if you want to hear some gross descriptions, I can tell you more. But seriously though, if you get the chance, you should most def. go.

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