8 Random Things

Shmergie blogged about 8 random things about himself, and then came up with 8 random things about me. They are more or less true, but none are as true as number 8. Enjoy!

  1. Nicknamed “Pants”
  2. Single handedly brought the work “uber” back
  3. Is a Defending World Champion Spanish Flamenco Dancer, sorta
  4. Once climbed 1.8 mountains in 3 days
  5. Has an elephant named Babar (and a cow named Brie…both stuffed)
  6. Been to Romania
  7. Major in Poli Sci with a minor in Spanish and Economics
  8. Currently studying in Buenos Aires…aka BA…aka Bad Ass

Just so you know, I´m heading out to Uruguay tomorrow and then Patagonia on Sunday, and I´ll be back August 6th. More stories after that!

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