On Sunday morning I went to church here for the first time. It’s a Baptist evangelical church called Cielos Abiertos (open heavens). There were prob. about 100 people there, and the service was 3 hours long. Now, normally, let’s be honest, no one wants to sit through a 3 hour service, but I honestly didn’t even look at the time while I was there. It was something like an hour of singing, dancing, praying, dancing and jumping around (even though the majority of people are older than my parents!) then an hour of a sermon from a converted jewish man from Jerusalem who was just visiting for a while. Then probably another hour of singing, dancing, jumping and praying. This is the coolest church ever!

Bethany Dixon (my new favorite person!) told me about this church, but she didn’t tell me how amazing it would be! Everyone arrives everywhere late here in Argentina, so I got to the 10:30 service at 10:20 and was awkwardly, AWKWARDLY the second person there, and everyone else got there after the service started, and it was full by 11. So I guess 3 ½ hours, not 3, because we were done at 2. Before it started, this uber nice girl, Vanessa introduced herself to me, and told me she’s going to help perfect my Spanish. After the service, the pastor tried to say 1 sentence to me in English, and she shushed him enthusiastically. She told me that all the young adults/kids our age in the church get together on Saturday nights to hang out and from what I gathered worship, eat and chillax. Sounds good to me! And, they’re all Porteños, so that makes them even cooler!

This Friday is el día del amigo, and there’s a big church get together in the evening, and I’m most definitely going! I guess el día del amigo is a pretty big deal around here? A lot of restaurants have signs that say “make reservations early for el día del amigo” or something to that effect.

I normally wouldn’t go to an evangelical church, but they’re just so friendly! And I feel like my accent is much better when I sing in spanish. God has blessed me in countless ways since I’ve been in BA, but this is the mother of all blessings, I really hope I get to spend a lot of time with the people I met there. There are quite a few people my age, and they’re genuinely excited about Christ and their faith. When I talked to the Chapman girls on saturday, chelsea asked me if I have any friends that are uplifting, and I do, but there’s just something different about sharing your faith with someone that is hard to find with other people.

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