Snow and a new room

It’s so cold* here right now! On Monday, it snowed in BA for the first time since 1918! Yowza. So I brought my new northface jacket, but I’ve been layering sweaters underneath it and I’m going to stock up on a few more over the weekend. I’ve been a teeny bit sick (runny nose, sore throat) for the last 3 or 4 days, but I’m drinking lots of tea and trying (fairly unsuccessfully) to go to bed early.

The big news in my life right now is that I moved into my permanent room here at home! You know about how big a shoe box is? That’s what my room is like. I’m posting a picture of it so you can get the full effect. As you can see, my bed is half the width, with room for a desk plus a few inches next to it. I have a book case and a closet that actually give me a lot of space for organization. My only issue with the room is that I have a lamp that doesn’t work all the time, and only one electrical outlet that doesn’t work all the time. Hmmm, I’m going to steal a lamp and a surge protector from Tyler’s room when he moves out. Yay! I’ve thought about just stealing the room, but I think of it as his room too much already. And we’re getting a new girl to replace him! It’ll be weird being the one that “knows what’s going on” (because I won’t actually know) but Kim and I are both hoping the girl is really cool. And why wouldn’t she be?

Next exciting thing coming up is that our group is going to a tango show Saturday night. More to come on that!

PS. Devan and Liz: I know you were excited for the down comforter possibility (haha, I wrote comfortable the first time!) but I have bad news. The comforter was Matt’s. I just have a regular one because he took it home with him when he left on Sunday. It turns out it was worth it to him to shlep it down here because he knew he’d be too tall for any bed here, and wanted some form of comfort. Darn! I should have used it when he was here ;)

*¡Hace mucho frío!

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