There is a store down the street from where I live that is simply amazing. It is a genius collection of all you could ever want to own, and things you’d never even thought of, and it is called COTO. My favorite thing I’ve purchased at this store is Milka brand chocolate*. However, I also bought my hairdryer here, and omelets at the cafeteria upstairs. There are computers (laptop and desktop) in the hairdryer aisle, and frozen meat across the aisle from the TVs. So of course, COTO was my first choice when I needed to buy some lined notebook paper for class. After walking around the giant store that has a section that belongs in the Container Store and another that could be the Argentina equivalent of Crate and Barrel for at least 15 minutes, I decided to ask someone where the notebook paper was.

After following what I consider to be poor directions to the far end of the store, I hunted around several aisles before noticing that the store’s entire supply of paper was a stack of 10 or 20 reams plain white printer paper (legal and standard sizes). *sigh* The one thing not available in this entire gargantuan metropolis of an Argentina Walmart is a spiral notebook. Such is life.

Riquísimo: delicious beyond comprehension. Applies to Milka bars and mediolunas*.

Medioluna: Croissant. A bit smaller and heftier than your Costco or Safeway croissant, I would happily settle down with this delicious breakfast treat and spend the rest of my life with it. A typical BA breakfast includes tres (3) mediolunas, café con leche (coffee with steamed milk) and fresh squeezed OJ. On Sunday afternoon I purchased all this at a cozy little coffee shop for seis (6) pesos, or $2.

2 Comments on “COTO”

  1. I’m confused by your use of asterisks.

    Also, I though leche was just milk. Not steamed milk. How does one differentiate between coffee with steamed milk and coffee with regular milk (i.e. cold milk)?


  2. I forgot to say I decided to give you all spanish lessons. hence the asterisks. Whenever I feel that you need a translation or explanation, I will include it under an asterisk.

    Leche is milk. However, the complete phrase is café con leche which is actually by definition half espresso and half steamed milk. If you want something else, you´ll have to be more specific.

    A ‘cortado’ is more coffee than milk, and a ‘lágrima'(also the word for tear) is more milk than coffee.


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