¿Where am I?

Sometimes when I´m just walking around the city, I´m like, hey, I´m in ARGENTINA. Like, what is that about? Oh, just to warn you, this entry might be a bit overwhelming, because I had a super fantastic day, and now I have a runner´s high. And I may or may not be eating wafers drenched in chocolate.

OK, where to start? There are really cool kids from DC here, and I´m in an intensive spanish course with a bunch of them for 3 weeks. Today, a few of us went out to lunch (a good lunch here is between $3-4 US) and then I decided to go out on my own to find a post office. Rachel went with me for a while, but it was a bit of a wild goose chase, so she headed home after prob. 20 minutes. So I totally found it, and my credit card was denied (something I need to fix PRONTO!) so I just got the one stamp. Anywho, on my way to the Correo Central (post office) I met these guys selling a newspaper/magazine thing and I was like, no gracias. But they said (in spanish) “do you know what this is?” and I said no. Well, it turns out its like Real Change in Seattle, the magazine that homeless people produce and sell to make a living. So these guys were really nice, and apparently homeless, and I bought a magazine for like 60 cents from them. And then I realized its really good for me to be reading stuff in spanish.

And this is also so perfect because I have a new game plan for spending my time in BA. Are you ready for this? Its pure genious. OK, I´m going to volunteer with a non profit. Perfecto, no? That way, I´ll meet argentines and have so much life experience I won´t know what to do with myself. Then, walking back to the subway from el correo, I walked past the ministry of justice and human rights. O heck yes. I´ll be googling that later, most definitely.

Then when I got home, I went for a run. Sometimes my host madre and I dont have a lot to talk about, but she sat me down at the dining room table and drew me a map to a park along the rio where I could run. So fun! Well, fun to chat with her (again, in spanish!) but I had decided already to go find the church I´m going to go to. Its a 15 minute run from my apartment, so now I need to figure out the bus. I´m excited for that.

And now to adress the title of this blog. BA looks so european its not even funny. well ok, maybe a little funny. The neighborhoods vary SO MUCH, from looking exactly (EXACTLY) like Iasi, Romania, to little residential streets in London. Its so cool here, and completely flat I might add, I haven´t encountered a hill yet, but it doesn´t quite seem like BA to me, because there are so many outside influences. But it´ll be cool to really get to know it and then travel other places and see how they remind me of BA.

And I love that its winter! The air is so crisp, I had a really good run, and saw a lot of the neighborhood I hadn´t seen before, so that was really good. The only problem is that the chilly air reminds me that I´ll be home in the Northern winter and then I´ll be wrapped up in my down comforter on the couch watching the holiday (which, by the way, I talked about in my class today), and that makes me want that to be like, next week. Or maybe later this week. Liz, and devan, this is for you: I don´t want to get my hopes up, but I noticed that the room I´m going to move into next week, has what looks awfully similar to a down comforter on the bed. Now, I don´t see where it would go, unless it belongs to Fernando, so I´m thinking…I´m going to be enjoying that in approximately 7 days. Could I be more excited?

Anyway, more to come on my class and all the coolness. I´ll also be sure to keep you posted on all the goings on of my life and the people in it. I expect to begin changing the world soon, too.


2 Comments on “¿Where am I?”

  1. Oh this is classic Annie!! I can just hear you telling it to me all excited and rambling on and on, I love it! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that comforter doesn’t go anywhere! I may have to just skip a whole week of school to come down and snuggle with you!


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