Arriving in BA

Hola familia y amigos,

I arrived safely in BA yesterday and was incredibly tired from having been awake for about 30 hours. I totally LOVE staying up all night on long flights. Wait, no I didn´t mean that, sorry. What I meant to say was that in all honesty, I really liked the movie Catch and Release, and on the bright side, I got to watch it twice on the plane. And in between I watched Music and Lyrics. I recommend both to girls everywhere (sorry guys, not so much, I´ll try to come up with something for you…).

It´s really been a blessing to have another North American girl, Kim, living at the same apartment with me. We have to be a bit independent because our host mom, Marilu doesn´t speak English (which in the long run is IDEAL!) and she´s had MANY estudiantes live with her, including 2 others right now, and 2 that moved out in the last 2 days. Her son actually left to live with his novia for a week or 2 to make room for all of us! So actually, I can´t unpack all the way yet because I´m in Juan´s room, and I´m moving over to Matt´s room when he leaves soon. Tyler is also living with us, and he´s helped us find the grocery store, internet cafe, etc.

Today the 15 students in our program went on a city tour and had a bit of an orientation with our program coordinators. From where our tour ended, Augustí y Liza, were like, OK, we recommend the market, see you at 9am at school! And we all dispersed and after checking out the market/fair, Christina, Kim and I went out for coffee and then found our way home! We were PRETTY proud of ourselves (we totally rock at navegating BA, if I do say so myself). Hm, I wonder who´s going to read this blog (hi mom!) I guess I´ll just start puting in random lines and see who notices. Beth, I think you´d really like the jewelry/arts here, and Gator, you would have been a RIOT if you´d been with us trying to find the subway station tonight. I miss you guys!

OK, well this is it for now, creo. Photos coming soon. I love you mucho (yes, you).


3 Comments on “Arriving in BA”

  1. ¡Que bien español shmergie! Las fotos están en mi computadora (solo tengo algunas ahora mismo) y voy a ponerlos en mi página de web en algunos días.


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